The Alliance of Associations and Professionals in Theatre & Live Events includes representatives who work in all aspects of the theatrical and events community including more than two hundred thousand creative and production practitioners.

Our Aims

  • To establish an Alliance that will be an open and ever evolving community, supporting ways to come together, connect and take action. 
  • To actively work towards making our industry a safe, inclusive and sustainable place to work, now and in the future. 
  • To actively inform and share each other’s actions and campaigns and work with the unions in order to have a unified voice in our industry. 
  • To openly and confidentially discuss contractual conditions as appropriate in order to prevent the erosion of existing terms and working standards and to promote best practice. 
  • To actively Identify immediate issues within the industry and agree action points to mutually work towards improvements and find solutions. 
  • To remain in discussion and consolidate as one voice to become more influential in decisions of the industry for our future. 
  • To use the collaboration of this strong Alliance to benefit all our members and strengthen our associations

Structure of the Alliance & Communication

  • Proceedings will be carried out in a spirit of collegial inclusiveness that is egalitarian and supportive with equitable debate where everyone’s views and contributions are welcomed and encouraged. 
  • To honour The Chatham House Rule for all information shared within the Alliance 
  • To Establish a list of each Association and Groups’ representatives in order to have confidence to speak freely. 
  • Each Association and Group will alternate the hosting, chairing and minuting of the regular meetings to encourage a democratic voice. 
  • Slack will be used as the tool to continue conversation and share all information.

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