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The Alliance of Associations and Professionals in Theatre & Live Events includes representatives who work in all aspects of the theatrical and events community including more than two hundred thousand creative and production practitioners.


As our industry slowly returns to work, AAPTLE members are eager to make theatre again and to collaborate with our fellow artists and theatre workers.

For many of us, any offer of work will be the first income we have received since March 2020. As much as we want to return to work, we call on producers to uphold, at a minimum, pre-COVID rates so that all workers and freelancers can be protected from being asked to pay for the recovery of the industry.

We also urge producers to acknowledge that the work required from every member of the production team is likely to take longer under the COVID-19 back-to-work guidance. When budgetary cuts are necessary these should sit in physical costs. They should not be made in peoples’ fees. Prior to 2020, fees and conditions were at an unsustainably low level for many within the freelance community.

It is vital for theatre’s ecology that our industry can be a beacon of inclusivity, access, diversity, sustainability and socio-economic representation. Fees need to make it possible for makers of all backgrounds and characteristics to afford to make the work. To ensure our progress, rates need to be upheld to support the removal of barriers and open up our sector to create opportunities to all regardless of ethnicity, gender, class, disability, caring responsibilities, sexual orientation and to those who are underrepresented: addressing the existing inequalities that were present pre COVID-19 and that now risk becoming even greater.

We acknowledge that some temporary terms have already been agreed. If, beyond the terms of the temporary agreements, members are offered lower rates of pay or reduced conditions, regardless of whether the job is accepted, we are advising our members to contact their professional bodies and their unions or representatives. These contracts should state that any reduced rates will be explicitly temporary and non-precedential.

Let’s work together to share best practice and create vibrant, inclusive, accessible and representative theatre and live entertainment of which we can all be proud.

We invite all companies and producers to join us in this endeavour and put their name to this statement.

Our Manifesto

The Alliance of Associations and Professionals for Theatre and Live Events (known as AAPTLE) will actively share their knowledge about their individual organisations, openly discuss current issues that affect our industry and will all share and collaborate together for a better, more sustainable and fairer future of the Theatre and Live Events industry. 

We represent the whole infrastructure of theatre workers in the UK, that includes resident staff and the freelance workforce who come together to create all live performance. 

Our Beliefs

The Alliance believes in the importance of Theatre and Live Events and will endeavour to promote our industry in all sectors of society for its betterment and the improvement of the industry as a whole. 

Structure of the Alliance & Communication

  • Proceedings will be carried out in a spirit of collegial inclusiveness that is egalitarian and supportive with equitable debate where everyone’s views and contributions are welcomed and encouraged. 
  • To honour The Chatham House Rule for all information shared within the Alliance 
  • To Establish a list of each Association and Groups’ representatives in order to have confidence to speak freely. 
  • Each Association and Group will alternate the hosting, chairing and minuting of the regular meetings to encourage a democratic voice. 
  • Slack will be used as the tool to continue conversation and share all information 

Our Aims

  • To establish an Alliance that will be an open and ever evolving community, supporting ways to come together, connect and take action. 
  • To actively work towards making our industry a safe, inclusive and sustainable place to work, now and in the future. 
  • To actively inform and share each other’s actions and campaigns and work with the unions in order to have a unified voice in our industry. 
  • To openly and confidentially discuss contractual conditions as appropriate in order to prevent the erosion of existing terms and working standards and to promote best practice. 
  • To actively Identify immediate issues within the industry and agree action points to mutually work towards improvements and find solutions. 
  • To remain in discussion and consolidate as one voice to become more influential in decisions of the industry for our future. 
  • To use the collaboration of this strong Alliance to benefit all our members and strengthen our associations. 

Alliance Members

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